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How To Plan a Luxury Vacation In 7 Quick Steps.

Everyone dreams about going on luxury vacations, they want to plan exotic trips and spend their time flying first-class, touring new cities and dancing on yachts, and that can be achievable by all. The world is hard enough and everyone deserves some type of relaxation at some point, This guide will help you plan aContinue reading “How To Plan a Luxury Vacation In 7 Quick Steps.”


The Undoing series has been the show on everyone’s lips, the season finale was such a no-shocker no one can seem to stop talking about or truly get over it. Well, My community is also a part of The Undoing club, and we love that show. From the impeccable acting to the beautiful scenery, everythingContinue reading “THE UNDOING SERIES REVIEW”

10 Music Bands To Listen To This Christmas Season.

Christmas season is here again, and what better way to waltz yourself into the Christmas feeling than through music. The weather will be freezing, Leaves will start falling and nights will get longer, and the sure-bet way of enjoying this home-bound time is through Music. Although this time, I’m not talking about rocking to aContinue reading “10 Music Bands To Listen To This Christmas Season.”

6 Quick Recipes to Make the Perfect Holiday Parfait.

The holiday season is here and we know there’s no better way to love on ourselves and our families than to give some grand gesture in the form of an over-priced gift, a thoughtful present or even something as sentimental as their favorite food or drink. Well, if your loved one just happens to getContinue reading “6 Quick Recipes to Make the Perfect Holiday Parfait.”

10 Easy Smoothie Recipes To Make in 5 minutes or Less.

Oh Smoothies!, This is probably the happiest I’ve ever been to write a post, Can’t believe it took us this long to talk about the single greatest drink that ever lived–Smoothies!. A Smoothie is essentially, a drink made from mixing pure raw fruit and/or vegetables, typically using a blender. It has various physical benefits such asContinue reading “10 Easy Smoothie Recipes To Make in 5 minutes or Less.”

A Guide To VENICE: My Top Three Dream Travel Destinations pt.3

This is the third and last part of the three-part series on my top three dream travel destinations, (The week flew by again!), and of course, this week, I’m going to be talking about the admirable and awe-inspiring Venice, detailing the best places to visit there, the best restaurants to eat at, the best hotelsContinue reading “A Guide To VENICE: My Top Three Dream Travel Destinations pt.3”

Situationships Pt.1-Everything You Need To Know.

Up until grown-ish season 2 when the word ‘Situationship’ was mentioned, I honestly didn’t know what it meant, and I’m not sure I really cared, and then I heard it again on E!News, but still didn’t pay it much attention, until I read a Huffington post article about it, and that caught my attention easily,Continue reading “Situationships Pt.1-Everything You Need To Know.”