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How To Plan a Luxury Vacation In 7 Quick Steps.

Luxury Vacation

Everyone dreams about going on luxury vacations, they want to plan exotic trips and spend their time flying first-class, touring new cities and dancing on yachts, and that can be achievable by all. The world is hard enough and everyone deserves some type of relaxation at some point, This guide will help you plan a luxury vacation in very easy steps to guarantee a stress-free, overly exciting vacation that will make your year’s hard work worthwhile.

1.Save The Date

When planning a vacation, the first thing you need is a schedule, If you are going to have your whole family there, ensure they have that date free, if it’s a trip with your spouse, Make sure to clear their schedule, and If you are going alone, Take care of any pending deadlines you may have to ensure you have a stress-free vacation. Just prioritize the time-convenience and make assertive plans around the date to avoid any hassles.

If you don’t want to forget anything on your flight, Make sure you check our list of travel essentials, that will ensure you don’t leave anything unpacked:

2. Get the Perfect Destination

The destination counts, and the timing matters. The last thing anyone needs is to take summer clothes to a country that’s in winter, or to take fall outfits to the Carribeans in spring, So make sure you know your destination early enough in order to have some cultural knowledge, and plan the needed-outfit ideas and inspiration. If you want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, a trip to the coastal region or countryside might be ideal. Or if you are looking to seek thrill and adventure, a trip to the mountains and high-flying cities will be a better idea. Always Make sure your expectations are aligned with your desired destination.

Raddison Blu Hotel in Maldives
The Raddison Blu Hotel in Maldives

P.S. Travel when destinations have fewer travelers, prices are lower, when there aren’t an influx of travellers, So you don’t need to go to that hotspot just because it has a high influx of visitors, instead go when people are barely there.

3.Make an activity schedule

What good is any trip if you don’t have an activity schedule, You owe it to yourself and your memories to have a fully-packed activity schedule, with the best restaurants to eat at, best sights to see, and best things to do, while on your much-awaited vacation. I would advise getting a list of both popular tourist attractions and also unique locations, and exploring them. You can see historical buildings, go on field trips, take tour and attraction buses, attend free shows, visit restaurants and cafes, and enjoy other mind-blowing adventures.

  • City Tours, Theme Parks and attractions
  • Historical Museums and Art galleries 
  • Zoos and aquariums 
  • Local exhibitions taking place in the city center 
  • Restaurants and cafes (with local cuisine)
  • Night clubs and Social Dance Parties
  • Shopping centers or markets
Tourists at a historical gallery
Tourists at a historical gallery

4.Get an All-inclusive Travel Package.

If you want your vacation completely easy and stress-free, You can get a travel advisor or travel agency involved, Why not make your luxury vacation as affordable as possible, Try to get an all-inclusive travel package, which would include, to-and-fro plane tickets, day tour guides and tour tickets, inclusive meals, complimentary airport transfers, meals and travel insurance, hotel reservations, etc. The all-inclusive travel package is a quick step to solving multiple problems in one go, and this permits you to have a stress-free vacation, since your basic needs are met by your travel agency.

Perks of an All-inclusive travel package:

  • Secure
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Private
  • Efficient and time-saving
  • Ultimate flexibility

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5.Learn a little bit of their language

If you are travelling to a foreign country, it will be nicer to learn the language of the indigenes there, You are not expected to know long sentences or make full conversations, but , If you are having a mini vacation in France or Mexico, it will be nice to learn basic greetings such as “Good Morning”, “Thank You”, or “I love you”, This will make the residents warm up to you quickly and you wouldn’t seem like such a foreigner, and if you are travelling alone, it will serve as a conversation starter and may help you make new friends and feel a sense of belonging among the residents.

6. Work on a Budget-Don’t splurge unnecessarily

When on vacation, there is a seething need to splurge and spend money on things you don’t actually need, I am here to tell you that you never need to splurge, Why not save your money and only spend them on things that are absolutely necessary. If you decide to get a travel package, that will handle a lot of your logistics needs, which would leave you to spend money on feeding, accommodation, fun activities, gifts for your friends and family back home, and sentimental pieces to help you remember the time spent. Transportation and Accommodation can make or mar your trip, So just know before hand, your housing options, If you’d like an Air BnB or a rented apartment, and for transportation, if you’d like to move around via train or commercial vehicles. Afterwards, Take time to think about what you value the most when planning a luxury vacation and set your priorities and budget according to what would maximize happiness during the trip.

Tourists at a shopping center
Tourists at a shopping center

7. Style: Look The Part

Make sure to arrive in style and look the part, Your luxury vacation will not be complete without you looking like the ultimate fashion icon. If a lot of your scheduled activities are night time dates, then get a lot of skimpy and tight-fitting clothes for the clubs and dance parties, If they are more beach activities, have your beach shorts, sunglasses and sun dresses at hand. If you will be attending operas and movie premieres, Make sure to have your red carpet worthy dresses and tuxedos in tow. And just make sure to dress according to the event at hand. Always look the part and bask in the full luxury of your country of visit.

P.S. The whole point of a luxury vacation, is being able to do what you want when you want it, So make sure to enjoy the utmost peace and relaxation during your vacation. You deserve it!

If your next vacation happens to be in Paris, Cannes or Venice, You can read our PARIS TRAVEL GUIDE, CANNES TRAVEL GUIDE or VENICE TRAVEL GUIDE, to get tips on the best restaurants to eat at, best sights to visit, the best hotels to stay in, and the best activities to do while in these beautiful cities in order to have an amazing experience.

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