20 Party Themes Perfect For Your Next Celebration.

Alright Starss, so there’s no question that a good theme can take a party from average to wildly creative, fun and jaw-dropping, the world is too dull for us to keep having parties without themes, It's 2019, and we all deserve a little bit more colour in our parties, and lives. I personally have thrown [...]


35 Fashion Hacks Everyone Should Know.

Hey there Starrss, so, a Hack is essentially a “solution” or “ easy work-around to something that helps you do things fast, but still right, and in my opinion, Hacks are one of the greatest things to have happened to mankind, be it beauty hacks, fashion hacks, skin care hacks, packing hacks etc. Today, I'm [...]

A Guide To VENICE: My Top Three Dream Travel Destinations pt.3

Hey there stars, this is the third and last part of the three-part series on my top three dream travel destinations, (The week flew by again!), and of course, this week, I’m going to be talking about the admirable and awe-inspiring Venice, detailing the best places to visit there, the best restaurants to eat at, [...]

Situationships Pt.1-Everything You Need To Know.

Hey there Stars, so basically up until grown-ish season 2 when the word 'Situationship' was mentioned I honestly didn't know what it meant, and I'm not sure I really cared, and then I heard it again on E!News, but still didn't pay it much attention, until I read a Huffington post article about it, and [...]

A Guide To CANNES: My Top Three Dream Travel Destinations pt.2

Hey there stars, this is the second part of the three-part series on my top three dream travel destinations, (The week flew by!), and of course, this week, I'm going to be talking about the beautiful, beautiful Cannes, detailing the best places to visit there, the best restaurants to eat at, the best hotels to [...]

Travel Essentials-Don’t Travel Without Me.

Hey there stars, so we all know how annoying it is to get excited for a trip, eventually make the trip, arrive at our destination and realize we have forgotten some very important item(s) (I personally always feel like scratching out my eyes), but then again that hasn't happened to me in a while, because [...]

A Guide To PARIS: My Top Three Dream Travel Destinations pt.1

Alright stars, so I'm pretty sure we all have our dream destinations, those cities we can't help but fantasize about, We literally imagine ourselves hiking on the sand there, or mountain climbing, or even basic things like walking to a store and going to the cinemas there. For some reason, we imagine that once we [...]

4 easy recipes to make the perfect summer salad.

Hey starss, so I guess i'm not the only one that gets genuinely excited for Salad--(the healthiest food in the world, in my opinion), like I literally love the whole idea of combining raw or cooked vegetables and fruits to make something great--(Never forget the dressing!) I honestly believe that there is no such thing [...]

12 killer ways to give your self-confidence the ultimate boost.

Hey stars, so we probably all know about the concept of Confidence, It is basically the feeling of trust in someone or something, It usually comes with feelings of certainty, assurance and assertiveness. Self-confidence on the other hand, is having all that trust, certainty and assurance in your amazing self. Usually, the major reason our [...]

Answering the web’s most asked questions about mental health.

Hey stars, so I know it's a general world error for our physical health to be put on a pedestal while our mental health takes the back seat. Well, as we've all seen in recent years that hasn't really helped anyone and has only ended up creating a world of beautifully twisted people. The stigma [...]

10 steps to help you achieve the trendy no-makeup makeup look.

Hey stars, i'm pretty sure i'm not the only person that always finishes her makeup, and gets those awkward glances and whispers from people around, like they literally can barely see anything, and although some people may take that as criticism, nothing gives me greater joy. Everytime I do a makeup routine, I always aim [...]

Makeup kit must-haves for beginners in any season.

Hey there Stars, so it's 2019, and I believe we are all over stereotyping makeup and attaching it to a certain gender or group of people. Makeup is art, It's a way of expression, It's something far much bigger than ourselves, and although it took me a while to figure that out, now I have [...]

College Essentials-Don’t Go to College Without Me!

Hey there Stars, I mean we've all been there, or at least we'd all get there sometime-the dreaded week before going to college, it may be exciting for some, but for me, it was literally hell on earth, I was a ball of anxiety, nervousness, occasional sadness and little ol' persistent confusion, Honestly! If not [...]

Introductory Post

Hey Stars, I'm just getting this new lifestyle & beauty blog going and I would really love if you would check out my blog posts every week for insights on Fashion, Beauty, Tips and Tricks, Relationships, Wellness, Popular Culture, Travel, Food, Entertainment and of course Lifestyle, We are going to have so much fun together. [...]

10 TV Series to most definitely watch this Summer 2019.

Hey Starss, so this is most definitely the best time to be alive, a time when series make as much money as blockbuster movies, maybe even more (I see you Game of Thrones) Well, if you don't have a show to binge-watch this summer, look no further, cause I have a list to satisfy all [...]