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Fine Dining Abuja: The 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants in Abuja.

In The Best Restaurants in Abuja, Luxury Dinners serve as the pinnacle of class and prestige. We all want luxury in our fashion choices, shopping destinations, five-star hotels, state-of-the-art villas and awe-inspiring homes, flashy cars and well-kept gardens, We want Luxury lifestyles and a taste of the finer things, but at the core of everyContinue reading “Fine Dining Abuja: The 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants in Abuja.”

The Lazy Girl’s Workout Guide: How to Get Fit On A Lazy Day.

Every one’s greatest wish is to tone their bodies and look their best while doing the barest minimum, We all want to do less work for more results, and although that won’t particularly work in the long run, It is a good enough short term goal that just may guarantee great results. By now weContinue reading “The Lazy Girl’s Workout Guide: How to Get Fit On A Lazy Day.”

5 Quick Exercises to Help Calm Your Anxiety.

Get up stars, it’s Anxiety o’ clock. I almost feel bad getting excited speaking on anxiety, but I truly can’t help it. I suffer from anxiety, and nothing gets me happier than the fact that this disorder is getting so much media attention these days. Lots of people all over the world are starting toContinue reading “5 Quick Exercises to Help Calm Your Anxiety.”

The Best 5 Sexual Health Books to Read as a Young Adult.

It’s health hour again, and this time around, we aren’t fussing over our mental health, or stressing over our physical health, instead we are placing all our focus on our sexual health, which is one of the most important aspects of our lives, but yet, probably the most overlooked. First off, let’s define Sexual Health:Continue reading “The Best 5 Sexual Health Books to Read as a Young Adult.”

Travel Essentials-Don’t Travel Without Me.

We all know how annoying it can be to get excited for a trip, eventually make the trip, arrive at our destination and realize we have forgotten some very important item(s), (I personally always feel like scratching out my eyes), but then again that hasn’t happened to me in a while, because I have coinedContinue reading “Travel Essentials-Don’t Travel Without Me.”

12 Killer Ways to Give Your Self-confidence The Ultimate Boost.

We all probably know about the concept of Confidence, It is basically the feeling of trust in someone or something, It usually comes with feelings of certainty, assurance and assertiveness. Self-confidence on the other hand, is having all that trust, certainty and assurance in your amazing self. Usually, the major reason our self-confidence hits anContinue reading “12 Killer Ways to Give Your Self-confidence The Ultimate Boost.”

Answering The Web’s Most Asked Questions About Mental Health.

We all know it’s a general global error for our physical health to be put on a pedestal while our mental health takes the back seat. Well, as we’ve all seen in recent years that hasn’t really helped anyone and has only ended up creating a world of beautifully twisted people. The stigma surrounding mentalContinue reading “Answering The Web’s Most Asked Questions About Mental Health.”

College Essentials-Don’t Go to College Without Me!

We’ve all been there, or at least we’d all get there sometime-the dreaded week before going to college, it may be exciting for some, but for me, it was literally hell on earth, I was a ball of anxiety, nervousness, occasional sadness and little ol’ persistent confusion, Honestly! If not for my father’s persuasion, IContinue reading “College Essentials-Don’t Go to College Without Me!”