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The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Heart

Christmas gifts are in season, and we have several guides on what to get your family and loved ones for Christmas, but we keep forgetting that the most important people in our lives are–ourselves. So, we have to realize that we all need to give ourselves and hearts a treat after surviving a pandemic, thrivingContinue reading “The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Heart”

The Lazy Girl’s Workout Guide: How to Get Fit On A Lazy Day.

Every one’s greatest wish is to tone their bodies and look their best while doing the barest minimum, We all want to do less work for more results, and although that won’t particularly work in the long run, It is a good enough short term goal that just may guarantee great results. By now weContinue reading “The Lazy Girl’s Workout Guide: How to Get Fit On A Lazy Day.”

15 Fashion Hacks Everyone Should Know-Part 2.

To refresh our memory, a Hack is essentially a “solution” or “ easy work-around to something that helps you do things fast, but still right, and in my opinion, these may be beauty hacks, fashion hacks, skin care hacks, packing hacks etc. Today, I’m going to be giving the second part insights on the TopContinue reading “15 Fashion Hacks Everyone Should Know-Part 2.”

The Ultimate Skincare Guide: How to Determine Your Skin Type?

Skincare is definitely having it’s much deserved time in the spotlight, and I have never been as excited to share a post with you all as I am to talk about the favorite staple of the modern beauty space- SKINCARE. You all know once I get into something, I go all in. So, as usual,Continue reading “The Ultimate Skincare Guide: How to Determine Your Skin Type?”

5 Quick Exercises to Help Calm Your Anxiety.

Get up stars, it’s Anxiety o’ clock. I almost feel bad getting excited speaking on anxiety, but I truly can’t help it. I suffer from anxiety, and nothing gets me happier than the fact that this disorder is getting so much media attention these days. Lots of people all over the world are starting toContinue reading “5 Quick Exercises to Help Calm Your Anxiety.”

The Best 5 Sexual Health Books to Read as a Young Adult.

It’s health hour again, and this time around, we aren’t fussing over our mental health, or stressing over our physical health, instead we are placing all our focus on our sexual health, which is one of the most important aspects of our lives, but yet, probably the most overlooked. First off, let’s define Sexual Health:Continue reading “The Best 5 Sexual Health Books to Read as a Young Adult.”

4 Easy Recipes to Make The Perfect Summer Salad.

Salads are the staple of the healthy food community, and we at Miss-President approve of that, Salad is the healthiest food in the world, in my opinion, I truly love the idea of combining raw or cooked vegetables and fruits to make something great–(Never forget the dressing!) I honestly believe that there is no suchContinue reading “4 Easy Recipes to Make The Perfect Summer Salad.”