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20 Fashion Hacks Everyone Should Know-Part 1.

A Hack is essentially a “solution” or “ easy work-around to something that helps you do things fast, but still right, and in my opinion, Hacks are one of the greatest things to have happened to mankind, be it beauty hacks, fashion hacks, skin care hacks, packing hacks etc. Today, I’m going to be givingContinue reading “20 Fashion Hacks Everyone Should Know-Part 1.”

Travel Essentials-Don’t Travel Without Me.

We all know how annoying it can be to get excited for a trip, eventually make the trip, arrive at our destination and realize we have forgotten some very important item(s), (I personally always feel like scratching out my eyes), but then again that hasn’t happened to me in a while, because I have coinedContinue reading “Travel Essentials-Don’t Travel Without Me.”