Situationships Pt.2- Everything You Need To Know.

Hey there stars, basically, this is the second part of the two-part series on Situationships/Situational relationships, and my first post where I’d be sharing personal stories. The first part chronicled the real definition of Situationships, Frequently asked questions about them, Signs you are in one, When they are absolutely necessary, When they become a badContinue reading “Situationships Pt.2- Everything You Need To Know.”

Situationships Pt.1-Everything You Need To Know.

Hey there Stars, so basically up until grown-ish season 2 when the word ‘Situationship’ was mentioned, I honestly didn’t know what it meant, and I’m not sure I really cared, and then I heard it again on E!News, but still didn’t pay it much attention, until I read a Huffington post article about it, andContinue reading “Situationships Pt.1-Everything You Need To Know.”

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