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The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Heart

Christmas gifts are in season, and we have several guides on what to get your family and loved ones for Christmas, but we keep forgetting that the most important people in our lives are–ourselves. So, we have to realize that we all need to give ourselves and hearts a treat after surviving a pandemic, thriving through a world lockdown and just in general, navigating a very dark year, We all deserve to take a step back and provide the ultimate gift for our hearts–which is the Gift of Giving Back.

I have found out though that the ultimate gift that keeps on giving is the Gift of Giving Back, This permits you to do something wonderful and kind for someone else and still bear the reward, So why don’t we all give back to each other through pleasant gifts, kind words, gestures, affectionate touches, acts of service, spending quality time and lots of togetherness, as offering a helping hand, a kind gesture or an act of love to someone that needs it, puts a smile on their face, your face and the entire community, as little gestures are known to have the capability of transcending into big wins.


How MissPresident is Giving Back this Holiday Season.

This year, In collaboration with MP Wellness Charity, we have decided to create a fundraiser to enable us donate to Save The Children, A Foundation founded over 100 years ago, with outreaches in over 120 countries, established with the mission to ensure children have healthcare, food and shelter, as well as learning, child protection services and any form of child support. We have made a conscious decision to spend every day of the Christmas period, from December 1st to January 5th, raising funds to make a donation which would help provide food, healthcare, tutoring and support to less-privileged children this Christmas.

Let’s Give Back Together:

Support the Save the Children mission this holiday season by donating a token of $1 or N500 to help the children and aid in raising funds to provide child support, child protection, feeding, health care and emergency relief for less-privileged children.

Reminder: Be Kind to yourself, Your Loved ones and Your Community This Christmas Season.



3 thoughts on “The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Heart

  1. I love both of them they’re perfect match the very first time i meet them i thought they’re siblings so accommodating so fun to be with may God bless your union with good things of life your marriage will bear good fruits in Jesus name Amen

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