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15 Fashion Hacks Everyone Should Know-Part 2.

To refresh our memory, a Hack is essentially a “solution” or “ easy work-around to something that helps you do things fast, but still right, and in my opinion, these may be beauty hacks, fashion hacks, skin care hacks, packing hacks etc. Today, I’m going to be giving the second part insights on the Top Fashion Hacks everyone deserves to know in order to save time, and make their lives easier.

As usual, this list entails provisions for both male, female and other genders.

All Your Clothing Hacks

1. Gum-Jean: Don’t let gum ruin your perfect outfit! Just take an ice cube, cool the gum, and then flick it off with a butter knife. Remember that you shouldn’t try to scrape or peel it off as it will make things way worse!

2. Insert weights into your dress hem so it never flies up when the wind gets a little crazy, (Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton do this, so why shouldn’t you).

3. Pre-tie your neck ties and store them that way (Don’t wash it that way though), so you don’t have to keep knotting them every time you need to use them, It will save you so much time.  

4. Wait a few minutes before putting on freshly ironed clothing. When they cool down, the smoothness will set in, and you’ll be wrinkle free for the rest of the day.


5. Apply hairspray to prevent a run or hole in clothes from worsening or tearing further.

6. Use a velvet hanger on clothing to get rid of deodorant stains—works like a charm.

7. Spray lemon juice on yellow armpit stains before you put the cloth in the wash.

8. Fashion tape: Create a DIY crop top by using clear fashion tape to alter the hem of your top. You can also use the tape as a quick fix on the hemline of your pants or skirt.

9. If you can’t get a pressing iron right at that moment, you can use a hair straightener to straighten out the collars of your shirt, but don’t have the heat too high or leave the straighteners on the fabric too long or you may cause damage… and a fire.

10. Use vaseline to unstuck a zipperBy greasing up the zip of your clothes with Vaseline, you’ll make it so much easier to undo. 

11. Take pictures of your favorite outfits and file them in an “outfits album” in your camera roll so you can reference them when getting ready in the morning.


Risque Clothing Hacks.

31. Hiding bra straps: if you have a razorback top and your straps shows on the shoulder blade, you can criss-cross your bra straps, and that way they won’t be visible on your shoulders. Also, if you are wearing a one-arm shirt, don’t be afraid to wear a regular bra for support and just cut off the exposed shoulder’s strap or tuck it in so it’s not visible.

32. If you are wearing an outfit which is sure to show your deccolletage, All you need do is get some tape, Start below the boob area and then tape them vertically to lift and support your chest. (As we all know, Kim Kardashian is the queen of this) (Tip: You are advised to use fabric tape, but when that isn’t available, duct tape or cellotape could be used, although that will be painful to remove).

Accessories Hacks.

33. If your earrings or any jewelry falls to the ground, just run a magnet over the area and you are sure to find the missing jewelry waiting for you.

34. If the arms of your sunglasses are a little loose, dab some nail polish on the hinge until you can get to a tiny screwdriver.

35. Ketchup work: We know it may sound crazy, but this hack really works. Squeeze some ketchup onto a soft square of cloth, rub it into your silver jewelry, and then remove the ketchup. Your jewelry will shine more than ever!


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Reminder: This post is a second part on the fashion hacks series, You can read more hacks in the first part here,



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