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Pick Of The Month(May): Harry Styles, Lana Del Rey, Euphoria, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and More………

Morning Stars, it’s the last day of the month of May, and I got a revelation some days ago to start this Pick of the month series, where I’d be writing about, everything I loved and enjoyed that month from Movies to Music albums, Songs, Artists, Celebrity Crushes, Blogs, Books, Tv shows, Youtube channels, Instagram pages, Fashion brands, Makeup Products, Activities, Pop Culture, News and Weird Obsessions. Basically, the point of this is really just to tell you guys what I was into that month, and maybe inspire you to check them out, and also motivate you all and also myself to find something new every day, week or month, to love and care about, and when we find those things, we need to document them, embrace them and blissfully enjoy them. So expect this post every last day of every month, I’m so excited for this.


Alright you guys, If you’ve been reading a lot of my posts you’d know that I’m a movie junkie, literally that’s what keeps me happy and sated, so you must know why this was hard for me to go through. I watched a large amount of movies this month, as I have done practically every month since I knew what Television meant. But anyways, I’d give a run through all of my favorite picks for this month.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Yes, I finally saw the movie, I am one of those huge Tarantino stans that really just believes he can do no wrong, so don’t judge me for thinking Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is like the greatest movie on the surface of the earth, if you need some inspiration to watch the movie though, Margot Robbie never stops smiling thereby highlighting her beautiful bone structure, Brad Pitt takes off his shirt, and Leonardo Dicaprio goes on one of those loud deafening rants, that gives us hope in humanity.


What’s better than a triple threat of Charlize Theron (The Goddess), Margot Robbie (My Heart), and Nicole Kidman (My mum), to take on a lame-ass sexual abuser like Roger Ailes. John Lithgow played him so well, I honestly couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the guy.


Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

I really do have a lot to say about this movie cause I’m obsessed with serial killers, and how their mind works, particularly Ted Bundy and Charles Manson, so to be met by this beautiful movie that tells the Ted Bundy story in a raw, authentic way, I was blisfully satisfied, although I know there was a lot of backlash stating that the movie romanticized Ted, but I really just feel like it was a true depiction of his charming, charismatic and suave personality, which he used to sway girls off their feet before gruesomely attacking them, and Zac Efron couldn’t have done a better job.

The Photograph

Basically, a modern-day touching romance story entwined with stories of the past, and hope for the future. It’s almost one-of-a-kind, as Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield basically transport us through different emotions that can’t even be put into words.


Yes I also just saw Us, I already had high expectations for it though, given the fact that Get Out is like the best movie ever and this was going to be Jordan Peele’s second creation. I must say it surpassed my expectations, but Get Out still has my heart though.


Fleabag S1 and S2

Sacrifice me at the altar of the hot priest, Honestly! Phoebe Waller Bridge deserves all the awards she won at the emmys, and maybe even more. Fleabag is the best comedy show that ever lived, and I can’t emphasize that more.

Euphoria S1

Alright Euphoria, Thank you for using your show to help us all search our souls. Literally, the characters on that show hit so hard because they are reminiscent of boys, girls and relationships we know and understand. It’s so much chaos paired with such other-worldly, jaw-dropping beautiful makeup and aesthetics.


Big Little Lies S2

I finally got done with my sweet sweet show, and I must say season 2 wasn’t as good as season 1, but It’s still one of my picks cause I really do have the hots for all the women on that show, and with the inclusion of Meryl Streep this season, my heart literally leaped for joy.

How To Get Away With Murder S6

My favorite show came to an end, and I’m even getting emotional writing about it right now. Viola Davis and the entire HTGAWM cast gave me the best 6 years of my Tv life. The show finally came to it’s beautiful end and I must say, we all cried at that blissful ending reminding us that the GOT finale needs to be redone.



Falling EP by Trevor Daniel.

Neotheater by AJR.

Norman Fucking Rockwell by Lana Del Rey.

Cigarettes After Sex and Cry album by Cigarettes After Sex.

Trench by Twenty One Pilots.

Doom Days by Bastille.



Watermelon Sugar Music Video by Harry Styles.

Circles song from Hollywood’s Bleeding album by Post Malone.

Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka aka The Big Little Lies theme song.

Bloody Valentine video by Machine Gun Kelly ft. Megan Fox.


Cigarettes after Sex.

Harry Styles.




Now for the books I fell in love with and couldn’t read fast enough:

Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry

As I said before, my current obsession is serial killers, so this book was basically where my interest was at althrough the month, I’d read it while brushing my teeth, whenever I was less busy at work, and right before I slept almost every night. I’m still not done though, but I’m really just taking my time, cause this is probably my favourite book in life.

What Happened by Hilary Clinton

Alright, so I started off my month of May with this, I read it every chance I could before ditching it for Helter Skelter, but while I was on it was really just the best time ever, I enjoyed reading Hilary’s story in her own words, not the biased views the media continues to dish out. And I must say the book only increased my support and love for her.


One With You by Sylvia Day:

It’s the last book of the CrossFire series (Love me some Gideon Cross!), while I read all four books last year, I finally got to this one this month, although I was pretty occupied with Helter Skelter and What Happened, I’d always come to One With You whenever it got pretty intense with any of those two, cause who doesn’t need an erotic romance novel in their collection of true crime books.

*(I’d probably do a book review of one of these books soon though)


Writing for my own blog is really one of the hardest but yet satisfying things I’ve ever had to do. Really, I hate myself a little every time I’m about to start a post, and love myself more every time I publish one. It’s a beautiful love-hate relationahip, and I know, blogging takes extra extra hard work. So, yeah, My love letter to other bloggers is to just keep trying, and stay motivated, and the result will be greater than you could have ever imagined.

Alright, so the blogs I couldn’t get enough of this month are:


This is Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle website that revolves around, beauty, style, home decor, health and wellness, food and travel etc. It really is a one-stop shop for all things, and I love that. So if you’ve been following my posts, you’d know that I always get ideas and insights from her website for my blog posts, so yeah, I’m always highly invested there. Visit the Poosh site here:

New Lune

This is another blog I really fancy, and she follows my own blog too, which is amazing. She writes every post in French and English, and that appeals to me so much cause I also speak both languages, and she basically just keeps the posts coming with lots of tips, inspirations and freebies. Visit the NewLune site here:


I’m one of those people that goes on cosmopolitan everyday cause I just love what they always have to say, literally you can get all your life, love and college advice, health and fitness tips, celebrity and entertainment stories, and basically just lots of amazingness there. Visit the Cosmopolitan site here:

Velvet’s Edge

Velvet’s Edge by Kelly Henderson is also one of my top blog picks that I couldn’t get enough of in May. It’s basically, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, with all the right style tips, beauty trends, product reviews, and just everything that has to do with style. I have literally read every post she has on there, and even amped up the reading more so in May. Visit the Velvet’s Edge site here:


Youtube Channels:

I know it seems like I had a lot to watch, read and listen to in May, but I couldn’t wrap up this list without going through my favourite youtube channels, which I just couldn’t go the day without watching the videos. (I really tried to summarize my information on the channels).


This is Naomi Campbell’s Youtube channel, and what would my life in May have been without it? Nothing, that’s right. She had this ongoing talk-show series which started off in April, and ended in May, called “No Filter with Naomi” where she interviewed celebrities like Anna Wintour, Serena Williams, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Cindy Crawford etc, and I loved every single bit of it. Visit Naomi’s youtube channel here:

Paris Hilton

I fell in love with Paris as fast as I fell in love with her channel, She’s a star honestly, constantly teaching us new catchphrases like “Sliving” and “That’s Hot”, her quarantine edition videos literally gave me life this month. Visit Paris’s youtube channel here:

David Dobrik

Alright, so David Dobrik’s two youtube channels are one of the sites I really got into in May, he is a content creator and vlogger, and his channels are literally the best. Visit David’s Youtube channel here:

Liza Koshy

I’ve always known Liza Koshy, literally I saw her on the Late show with Stephen Colbert and fell in love with her, but I really just got into her youtube channel this month, and I must say, she is the greatest to ever do it, Literally the funniest girl ever. If you want a reason to fall in love with her even more, Her most recent video was her having Tea with Michelle Obama (Queen Of The World), If that doesn’t give you life, I honestly don’t know what will. Visit Liza’s Youtube channel here:


Disclaimer: Liza and David used to date, and they were the sweetest couple ever, I’m still hoping they make it back together.

Cinema Sins

Just got in on this channel and I was so obsessed with it this month, the videos basically tell us everything wrong with all of our favourite movies, and it’s just so much laughs to watch Fifty Shades Of Grey and Twilight be called out for the terrible movies they are. Visit Cinema Sins channel here:

Haute le Mode

Haute Le Mode is the star of this list, I couldn’t stop watching everyone of their fashion show reviews, and celebrity style criticisms. Honestly, HauteLeMode makes the fashion industry and fashion brands digestible and understandable for the average person. Visit Haute Le Mode channel here:

Carli Bybel

I literally was obsessed with all Carli Bybel’s daily routines and makeup tutorial videos. Visit Carli’s channel here:

Apps/Internet searches:

So the apps and internet searches I was really into in May were definitely:

TikTok, I made a ton of fun videos. Visit my TikTok account:

IGTV, I’ve been researching on IGTV channels cause I’ve been considering starting one since I’m just not prepared for a youtube channel and all it comes with. (Still considering though, nothing certain yet).

Activities/ (Weird) Obsessions:

The activities I was really into this month were:

Learning French, Learning Spanish, and Praying a lot more times than usual. (Hoping I could continue all of this, everyday though)

(Weird) Obsessions:

Bentonite Clay, Serial Killers, The Jeffrey Epstein case, Horror movies.

Makeup Products:


I was always a firm adversary to blushes, like I couldn’t stand a coloured powder that was going to turn my beautifully contoured cheeks pink, so I disliked them for that, but honestly after watching a couple of Naomi Campbell youtube videos I couldn’t help but fall in love with them, Naomi literally swears by them and testifies that they give her a youthful look, now who doesn’t want a youthful look? I don’t know. So I gave it a try, and honestly just fell in love with how easily it blended with my skin, and literally transformed my fully made-up look into some sort of a fairytale. In other words, Blushes are the freaking best.



Alright stars, you all know how obsessed I am with Pop Culture and Celebrities, so yeah, May was pretty great ’cause I found out a lot of my favourite women were having babies. Honestly, I’m probably happier than they are, but I really just want to shout out to them cause they are superwomen, succeeding in all aspects of their life.

Katy Perry, Perri Shayk-Drayton, Gigi Hadid, Ciara Wilson, Shannon Boodram, Sophie Turner, Becky Lynch, Rooney Mara, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Katherine Shwarzenegger, Simi Ogunleye and Eniko Hart.

I just want to say you all are amazing women that deserve the best out of life. Thank you for inspiring us. We love you all.

P.S. This was not an easy write at all, literally I spent half my time zoning out and just explaining everything in details, which I later realized wasn’t needed at all. Truly, I really just wrote this with so many emotions for reasons I don’t understand, but oh well!, This is my love letter to myself and you stars. Expect My June Pick of the month list, I’ve already started collecting info and ideas for that. (Yay!)



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