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20 Fashion Hacks Everyone Should Know-Part 1.

A Hack is essentially a “solution” or “ easy work-around to something that helps you do things fast, but still right, and in my opinion, Hacks are one of the greatest things to have happened to mankind, be it beauty hacks, fashion hacks, skin care hacks, packing hacks etc. Today, I’m going to be giving insights on the Top Fashion Hacks everyone deserves to know in order to save time, and make their lives easier.

As usual, this list entails provisions for both male, female and other genders.

All your Clothing Hacks.

1.Red wine: if you are ever at a party and someone spills red wine on you, rush to get some white wine, and with a light touch, blot the area. Soak it completely, dabbing but not rubbing. It will take away the stain completely. It’s successfully worked for me many times.

2. Jean work: Jean shopping is the most time-consuming, soul-destroying experience ever, so instead of trying on the jean trousers, you can wrap it around your neck and see if it fits, If it does, chances are they’ll fit your waist.

3. Denim: I never like to wash my favorite jeans because the color changes, especially with black. So there are two tricks: One, wash them inside out, or Two, put them in a ziplock bag and in the freezer overnight, and they will lose their odor.

4. Wrinkles: if you’re traveling and don’t have a steamer, you can lay down a towel and use your curling iron as a hand iron to get rid of wrinkles on your clothes.

5. No Lints Allowed: If you can’t get access to a lint roller at the particular time it’s needed, you can make use of a shaving stick or razor to brush away any lint or cotton particles, (You should use tape to pick up any left-overs. (Tip: Please be gentle and careful, I made a hole in my favorite jacket because I was rushing through this).

6. Spray lemon juice on yellow armpit stains before you put the cloth in the wash.

Denim Clothing Hacks| MissPresident Blog

Same Dress, Different styles (Hacks).

7. One top, Many ways: Pick up your favorite camisole, Criss-cross your straight camisole straps in front of you to get a new refined look, you can also crisscross your camisole straps at the back to get a halter-neck look.

8. Make any dress shorter by folding the hem and using a safety pin inside it to hold it in place.

9. Turn a long/shortsleeve shirt into a dress by opening the neck of the top, sliding it down your body, and then tucking the both sleeves into the sides of the top area to create a cute-fitted dress.

10. You can turn a tube-top into a skirt, by just pulling it down to your waist level, and making sure the side lines are at the right place before matching it with an amazing shirt.

11. You can cut off the top of a t-shirt or jersey to make a well-fitting off-hand dress.

Risky Clothing Stains (Hacks).

12. Make-Up Stains: You can use Shaving foam to wipe make-up stains off your clothes (I recommend washing the clothing after you’ve covered it in shaving foam though).

13. No more oil stains: Apply white talcum powder (such as: Enchanteur, Ponds) to the oil-stains on clothes and leave it over night, the next day, those oil stains will be nothing but a distant memory.

14. Leather Stains: Apply a mixture of cold water and vinegar to remove stains from leather without causing any damage.

15. Inky- Stains: If you have a pen or ink-related stain the best way to remove it is by applying cologne/hand sanitizer on the ink-stained area and leave it for a couple of minutes, the stain would have literally disappeared by the time you are back.

Clothing Hacks| MissPresident Blog

Perfect Shoe Hacks.

16. Widen those tight shoes: It may seem like madness, but placing water inside your shoes and putting them in the freezer overnight will expand them so they fit perfectly, or you could also put on a pair of thick socks and put on your shoes. Blow-dry your feet and the heat will stretch out your shoes.

17. You can purchase and use heel-caps if you don’t want your stilettos getting stuck in the dirt.

18. If your block heels are looking rough, use nail polish to go over it, or use a paint brush to apply glitter, Spray with topcoat so the glitter doesn’t fall off.

19. If you aren’t the biggest fan of heels, and you happen to be at an event where you’d have to wear them for a long time, wear ones that are a size or two bigger than your feet, as this would help avoid blisters and pain, To prevent the shoes from slipping off your feet, stuff the toe- area with padding like tissue or cotton wool, and this can be taken out once you feel like you need a bit more room in your shoes. (Meghan Markle is a frequent user of this guide).

20. Cover Sneakers In Baking Soda To Remove Odours. The baking soda will soak up any sweat that’s on your shoes, and this would make your shoes odourless. Gross, but true.

Shoe Hacks| MissPresident Blog
Shoe Hacks

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